4 Reasons You Need a Website

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people on Instagram and forums asking if it’s really necessary to have a website. Many of these entrepreneurs are getting their clients right from social media, so they’re not sure if a website would be worth their time.

I’m here to tell you that while getting clients from social media is fantastic, having a website will take your business to the next level.


ONE – Your website is your storefront!
In a world where more and more businesses are going online, your website truly is your storefront. You have an opportunity to showcase your work, testimonials, who you are, and what your business is about. Take this opportunity and make the most from it!

TWO – You’ll reach a new audience
By having a website and leveraging SEO (search engine optimization) you’ll show up when people are using search engines. When someone is searching for the answer to their problem, YOU want to be the FIRST solution to show up. Without a website, this can’t happen. This will help you reach a new audience that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

THREE – It helps you build trust
I don’t know about you but if I search a business and all they have is a Facebook page and no website, I automatically don’t trust them. They don’t look like a valid business. By having a website, you’re showing your audience that your business is well put together and trustworthy, which is ESSENTIAL in gaining new clients.

These days it’s SO easy to build a website without any coding experience necessary. Sites like WixSquarespace, and WordPress have made the process user friendly and easy to manage so there’s really no reason to not have a site.


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