Debt and Mindset

Every aspect of debt is based on mindset.

Getting into debt in the first place, getting out, staying out, avoiding it. All of it. It all comes down to mindset. I want to take the time to focus on how to shift your mindset to help you get out of debt.

A lot of people who are in debt have a negative relationship with their debt. It stresses them out, causes anxiety, makes them feel desperate. You’re probably thinking, ‘DUH Sheri, how else would anyone feel about being in debt?!’

The problem with feeling all those things is that it will only attract more debt to you. By constantly feeling desperate and having so many negative emotions around money, you’ll never break free.

So how would one change their mindset about their debt?

You’ve got to get grateful. Stick with me for a second here….

You got into debt because someone gave you money for something, right? Whether it was student loans, a car loan, or a mortgage, you got something out of it. Even if it was credit card debt, you got something out of it right? You got your home or your car or clothes and food. Take the time to be grateful for whatever it is that you received in exchange for the loan. Write out all the benefits of of getting into that debt. What did you learn? How will the experience help you in the future? Try to find at least 50 benefits that came from your debt.

This exercise is NOT meant to justify getting or staying into debt. It’s meant to neutralize your negative feelings about your debt so you can move forward and reduce the anxiety, depression, and desperation associated with your debt.


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