How to Get Out of Your Socioeconomic Class


The poor stay poor, the middle class stays middle class, and the rich stay rich.

As a society we’re infatuated with movies and stories where the underdog makes it. We see the montages of hard work and dedication until the hero makes it at the end. Naturally, we all want to be that hero in the story. But 70% of us never make it. Why?!

The reason the vast majority of people never make it out of the socioeconomic class they were born in, is because it’s comfortable. It’s what we know, it’s safe. To move out of that socioeconomic class would require being uncomfortable, stretched, pushed. The montages in the movies glamorize the process, but in real life when most people hit the first road block they immediately run back for comfort and safety.

So, how do we make it out?

Well, there’s a lot to it. There’s no magical solution or “secret” but there is one small habit you can change that I guarantee will help you fall out of love with your comfort zone.


Comfort zones are simply standards we set for ourselves, and we ALWAYS meet our standards.

For example, a standard might be “I always pay my rent on time.” If that’s your standard then you will always find a way to meet it, regardless of the situation you get put in. Not meeting that standard would make you uncomfortable. It’s actually amazing how creative people can get to meet their standards. And sometimes those standards aren’t positive. Sometimes we have subconscious standards like “I always get in toxic relationships.”

Take a close look at your life and find out what your standards are, conscious and subconscious, and decide how you are going to raise your standards. When you raise your standards, you will find ways to meet them.

Quick disclaimer: you will get people in your life telling you that your expectations are too high, that what you want doesn’t exist. It’s because the people you surround yourself with are probably in the same socioeconomic class you’re trying to get out of and your new thinking is causing them to be uncomfortable. I recommend you do one of two things (or both). Either find new friend and/or use the naysayers as motivation.


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