One Simple Step to Improve Your Business

Before we begin I need to start with a disclaimer. My tip for improving your business is SIMPLE, but not necessarily EASY… so proceed with caution 

My simple tip for increasing business, improving the customer experience, and therefore increasing your income is this:


There are a lot of things that you can do that will exponentially increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience. Many of these things are small but make all the difference. Yet so many businesses don’t bother with them. Therefore when YOU implement them into your customer’s experience, it could be the difference between losing a customer and keeping them for life.

Let’s go over a few examples

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and needed a to-go box? The waiter or waitress brings the box then walks away as you spend a few minutes struggling to get all your food in the box without making a mess. Has this happened to you? Now think about the times you’ve gone to the restaurant and the waiter or waitress boxes your leftovers for you? It’s a relief, right? It’s such a small thing to train your staff to always box your customers left overs but it makes all the difference for the customer experience.

Recently, I saw a social media ad for a company called Marmalade that sells press on nails. They claim their nails are salon quality and will last just as long but won’t damage your nails. For all my lady readers, you know this is a big deal! I decided to try it out since they also gave me a discount on the first order. When it arrived in the mail there was an envelope with my name HANDWRITTEN on it. In the envelope was a post card with information about the product and another discount for my next order.

The small thing they did that made me want to tell my friends about the company before I even tried the product, wasn’t the discount codes, it was my name handwritten on the envelope. A personal touch always goes a long way, especially when it involves someone’s name. Always remember, there is great power in using someone’s name. This personal touch probably took some effort from a logistical stand point with packaging but makes a HUGE difference with the customer experience.

So, what can you do to improve the customer experience in your business that the competition isn’t already doing?


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